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Feeling overwhelmed? Take a step back, and try these six tips.

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by Mary Farrell, MS, PCC, certified professional health and wellness coach and exercise physiologist

In my work as an integrative health and wellness coach, I help people clarify, plan for and achieve their goals aimed at reaching optimal health.

Some of my clients are just seeking a “tune-up” for overall health and wellness. Others have chronic health conditions or are recovering from a disease.

Something many of them have in common is that they are more and more overwhelmed. Once they reach a “tipping point,” they can feel paralyzed. At that point, I can help them take a step back to look objectively at their lives, and I can help them manage stress and its effects.

I don’t think this trend is isolated to the people I see. Many of us struggle with managing the daily pressures and stressors of life today.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are six tips that you can use to take a step back and de-stress.

  1. If you can take something off your plate, do it. There are two ways to deal with stress. The first is to take away the source. The second is to learn how to better manage the stress that remains. Remove anything that you would classify as not urgent and not important.
  2. Find an activity that helps you take your mind off the stress, such as listening to music, reading a good book, taking a walk, playing basketball, or perhaps an activity like sewing or knitting. These “personal time outs” work wonders.
  3. Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I need to do right now to improve this situation?” Focus your energies on just that area.
  4. In life, the most meaningful things are often important, but not urgent. Connecting with friends is one example. Take time for those relationships. People often feel stressed when they are not tending to these things.
  5. Carve out pockets of calm and peace. What do you need to maintain to keep grounded? Which rituals and routines bring you comfort? What time do you need to go to bed in order to feel rested? Find these rituals and routines and stick to them like an appointment.
  6. Don’t take on too many changes at once. Remember to zero in on the one thing that would have the most impact for you. Nobody quits for starting out too slow, but they often quit for starting out too quickly.

To learn more about integrative health and wellness coaching, or to make an appointment with Farrell, call 612-863-6316.

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