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Invitation to dream

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by Ann Peyton, MA, RN, Nurse Clinician

peytonblogAs an integrative wellness nurse clinician, I help patients take a holistic approach to addressing a wide variety of wellness goals or health issues, such as managing stress, improving sleep and eating healthy.  Many times individuals are searching for ways to bring balance and joy into their lives.

In our time together, I may ask my patients to consider these questions:

  • What kinds of thoughts come up when you day dream about what truly fills you with a sense of purpose and meaning?
  • Which thoughts feel most in sync with your core values and interests?

I believe that generally the daydreams that we have most frequently and with the most intensity are the ones that gently nudge us towards actualizing our dreams. They tap into our innate abilities or gifts.

As in many things, it’s easier said than done to connect with these visions and dreams to help them become a reality. I believe the first step to doing so is mindfulness ― basically paying attention to your present thoughts and senses without judgment, and with an open mind and heart.

We at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing give much consideration to the practice of mindfulness. It is for us a “household word.” It is core to preparing ourselves to be present with our patients, and it is what we strive to demonstrate in our own lives.

I recently followed a dream of my own.  My dream was to keep in my family a farm that my late grandparents whittled from the prairie more than a century ago. I wanted to keep the house they lovingly carved from hand-sawed wood and cared for their entire lives. Spending time there brings me joy and energizes me. Caring for this land is core to my value of nurturing the land and my soul, and to balancing work with play.

The vision seemed very “out there” at first, but now this dream is slowly becoming a reality as I move to secure this farm for my family and future generations.

Here at the Penny George Institute, we encourage each other and our patients to look at ourselves and our lives holistically. What are the thoughts, actions, pursuits, relationships, occupations, and daily habits that are in sync with the vision we have for our lives?

I invite you to indulge in a daydream of your own.

Ann Peyton

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